We grow European bell peppers and eggplants.

Some say they’re the best in North America. Now that’s a pretty big statement, but we believe we can back it up.

You see we have a great recipe. You might be thinking that growing vegetables doesn’t take a recipe, but we believe it does.

It starts with having a team with over 100-years of combined growing experience. We grow on natural materials and use only biological insects, and environmentally friendly products. We use bumblebees for pollination, insects to manage the eco system and we even feed CO2 to our plants because plants love CO2.

Our greenhouses are technological marvels; each one is a complete closed system, which allows us to completely control the environment and let our plants grow naturally.

But in the end the secret ingredient is worry.  We fuss and fret about everything that affects our plants. But that’s what it takes to grow the best European bell peppers and eggplants in North America.